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Committed to whole horse health



Experienced farrier serving:


  • Vermont

  • New Hampshire

  • New York


Reliable – honest – patient – open-minded – collaborative


I have been working with horses since I was a kid. Horses help keep me grounded and I feel the least I can do is return the favor by keeping them healthy & happy.

More than anything I love the feeling of knowing how to get and keep a horse sound.
I truly believe that the health of the hoof shows the true health of the horse.

It came as no surprise when I first heard the expression that the hoof is a barometer of how much stress the horse's body is experiencing.  


A graduate of Oklahoma horseshoeing school 1995

• Attended multiple Gene Ovnicek clinics
• An enthusiastic follower of Peter Ramey Hoof Rehab



When you choose Holistic Hoof farrier services you give your horse the best opportunity for total health and pain-free movement


My Services:


  • Traditional and Natural Balance trimming and shoeing.


  • I work with horses, minis, cows and, pigs and I am comfortable handling a tranquilized animal.


Pricing will be determined plus standard mileage.


Discount for Referrals.




—  Holly Wyllie

'"Peter has been our farrier for many years. He works as easily with a 34yo saddlebred gelding who has arthritic hips as he does with a 12yo high-strung, thoroughbred mare. He's comfortable and easy-going with horses, very professional and knowledgeable, kind, intuitive, caring, reliable, and compassionate. He's extremely thorough and picks up on little things before they become big problems. He offers good advice which is always helpful and often homeopathic, helping you to get a good result while keeping the price down. Peter has the respect of and works well in conjunction with veterinarians should your animal have hip, leg, hoof, or back problems. His reasonable fees, kindness, expertise, and skill make him a truly valuable asset in your animal's care."


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